AFRICA by Brown Rice Family

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Captured in front of WARUDE, a multi-cuisine restaurant that sits on Tompkins Ave in Bed-Stuy, the world roots band got all the attention––stopping traffic and attracting local families to come dance.

u capture

What is U Capture?

U Capture is a series of live music videos shot in the streets of New York. It provides independent bands, such as Combo Chimbita, with a professional and high-quality recording of their live performance that opens new gigs, radio and festival opportunities. For example, the sound recording of the capture of “Lekeel” by Ensamble Calavera was featured in the international CD compilation “#Yosoyska” from Mexico in 2019.

Our team produces a live-music video at a unique urban location. The capture is about the band, the music, and the environment. Documenting the location’s identity and diversity, the concept behind the shot is to be professional yet imperfect. Uncut and dirty, the shooting highlights the city’s environment in its entirety. Unexpected sounds and visitors, dogs barking, the subway train arriving, trash cans, and sirens; it’s all there to create an authentic picture of the city.

Captured using two sequence shots and multiple takes, only the best capture is used for the final edit.

Every aspect of the audio, instruments, vocals and ambient sound, is recorded separately, channel by channel.

u capture

The filming location is a space that illustrates the band’s typical domain as well as our urban environment.

The un-cut, raw nature of the video creates a genuine portrait of the live performance, including any ambient sound.

Who do they serve?

This capture took place at Los Arcos, just around the corner from the multicultural-underground venue The Lake, aka The Swamp ran by the drummer of (A)TRUTH. Los Arcos’ proximity to The Lake meant the place was full of punks before and after the shows.

Crumble by Bad Buka

On the rooftop of Studio 108 in Bushwick, the drone captured the spirit of the gypsy punk band and the warm colors of the neighborhood despite the freezing cold.

Make mine neat by Out of System Transfer

Captured on the streets of Sunset Park in front of a friend’s apartment during a chilly fall day. Big thanks to John for trusting us with the keys to your place!

Leekel by Ensamble Calavera

After climbing through a window with instruments and equipment onto a deck, this Latin ska capture was energetic, warm and pretty buzzed.

Señores de la Guerra by The Impostors Band

Shot in an outlying neighborhood in Bogotá, Colombia, the ska band and production team climbed through an unfinished building to get to the rooftop. We entertained the kids in school in the building next door.

Tamborero by Combo Chimbita

This tropical futurism capture was the only one shot with an analog tape machine. It features Woody enjoying the live music at El Búnker in Bushwick. Since then, Woody waves his hands in the air and calls us “Tamborero”.

Darlin You by Outlaw Ritual

Our first capture, this was shot at El Búnker during the summertime. From the dog becoming a member of the band to the confused people next door trying to find where our sound was coming from, this capture was all laughs.

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